Sunday, January 27, 2008

Want it... Slick DVD/CD Printer

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Just when we had given up on our discs saying anything besides "TDK" or "Memorex", someone comes out with an actual working CD/DVD printer. The Dymo DiscPainter ($280) prints 600 dpi graphics directly onto your CDs and DVDs in about a minute. The USB wonder features RadialPrint technology (it spins the disc while it prints), works with Macs and PCs, and is compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or the included Dymo Discus software.


Dymo DiscPainter

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Jan1111 said...

I use my DiscPainter everyday and it is a joy to use. No clunky feed trays to deal with, no 30 minute print times as with the LightScribe. It just makes full color labels with text effortlessly every time. A definite improvement over past cd/dvd labeling methods.

Dede said...

I have a dymo printer and i think its great for my home life and a creative person i could put my portfolio on a disc and use my art as the cover...this printer lets me do just that and i can customize it differently for each client...and that means more jobs for me...great product