Sunday, January 27, 2008

Want it... a.) it's the 21st century b.) nanananananananana BATMAN

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The Infoglobe ($50) is a transparent sphere that displays caller ID information in just about the coolest way we've seen. The gadget also doubles as a clock and personal message center, comes with pre-programmed seasonal greetings, and you can program up to three messages of your own to display.



Batman Shakespeare Bust Switch


Back in the day, Batman — Adam West in those days — used a switch hidden in a Shakespeare bust to enter the Bat Cave. Well, now you can too with the Batman Shakespeare Bust Switch Replica ($300). Push back the bard’s head and you reveal a switch that can turn on and off anything plugged into the bust. Nice for those times when you want discreet access to your hidden hoard of SweeTarts.

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