Sunday, January 27, 2008

Want it... because when you're as important as you are minutes just don't mean a thing.

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Frank Gehry is certainly best known for his eye-popping arcetectural desings, but his Positive/Negative Watch by Fossil ($150) may start a revolution in lazy time telling. The watch happily tells you that it's half past eleven or eight til twelve — which is fine by us, and even better for anyone who uses the phrase "beer thirty."
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Frank Gehry Positive/Negative Watch

This book will definitely help you become the local MacGyver in your neck of the woods. Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things ($8) has over 80 easy tricks for creating cool stuff out of ordinary items. With the book, you'll learn how to do things like generate battery power with simple household items, turn a penny into a radio, make a fire extinguisher out of kitchen supplies, and thwart intruders with a single rubber band. Sweeeet.


Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things

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