Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Want it... would look tre nice next to my Eames chair, yes my living room furniture is worth $13k (to seat 4)

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herman-miller-3-seat-eames-sofa.jpgHerman Miller designs are all modern classics and the Eames 3-Seater sofa is actually the last piece of furniture ever produced by the fabled Eames design firm in 1978.

The Eames 3-Seater Sofa melds rich walnut, soft leather and polished aluminum constructed into a beautiful angled profile that will instantly form the centerpiece of any room it resides in. A 2-seat model is also available.

Cost: $8499 @ Hive Modern

Eames 3-Seater Sofa by Herman Miller

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Want it... nice clean sexy clock... that's right I said sexy.

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habitat.flap.clock.jpgThe Flap clock from the designers of British company Habitat harks back to train station timekeepers with it’s flap date calendar with auto function and swiss-style analog clock.

Your office’s stark white walls will never look better and telling time will never be smoother.

What this means to you: You’ve finally got an office at work. Say pass on cheesy convention tchotchke clocks and get yourself something worthy of the title on your door.

Cost: $175 @ Habitat

Habitat Flap Clock

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Want it.... mid life crisis here we come!!

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Mix a sportbike and a cruiser and what do you get? The 2009 Yamaha VMAX ($18,000), that's what. This mean machine looks like the cross between a Harley and a crotch rocket, with the performance to match. It features an all-new 65-degree 1679cc V4 engine, a lightweight aluminum chassis, a 5-speed transmission with a slipper clutch, wave-style brake discs with ABS and Brembo master cylinders, and complete suspension adjustability in both the front and rear. [Thanks, Craig]

2009 Yamaha VMAX

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Want it... .... while we're at it...

Watches - Diesel Watch

This digital style combines both retro and futuristic styling. The OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diod) module uses the same display as cell phones, making this style a modern update to the old LED watches of the 70s. The time and date appears as if from nowhere from behind the mirrored crystal with mirror finish. The genuine black leather bracelet accents the solid stainless steel case. The case measures approx. 35mm (W) x 42mm (L) x 14mm (H). This watch is water resistant to 5 ATM and has a 2-year international warranty.
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Want it... I still don't have a leather band watch... hint, hint. (full discloser: Birthday July 13th)

Watches-Diesel watch

This exciting new digital features a scrolling LED display. Stainless steel case with mirror electroplating. Red LED numbers. Black genuine leather strap. Scrolling LED with Time/Date. 30mm(W) x 63mm(L) x 13mm(H). 5 ATM. 2-year International warranty.
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Want it.... mmm I bet you can hear yourself running out of gas at 191 MPH.

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2009 Cadillac CTS-V Specs Made Official, Gets 556 HP

We knew the new super-spec 2009 Cadillac CTS-V would be getting some impressive output numbers, and today the official figures are out — 556 HP at 6,100 RPM and 551 lb-ft of torque at 3,800 RPM. With those bitchin' numbers, the CTS-V will be doing 0-60 MPH in a lightning fast 3.9 seconds, with a standing quarter mile coming in at 12 seconds flat. Sure, but how fast will she go? What about 175 MPH with the six-speed auto and 191 MPH with the manual transmission? Okay, we're a little light-headed at the moment; obviously the CTS-V is warping the space around our brains.
Detroit Auot Show: 2009 Cadillac CTS-V
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Want it... July 11th is only 2 days before my birthday (FYI)

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iPhone 3G

Time to upgrade. Apple overlord Steve Jobs just introduced the all-new iPhone 3G ($199-$299). Besides the faster 3G wireless connection speeds and all of the previous revolutionary iPhone features, the new model also gets built-in GPS, better battery life (10 hours of talk time on 2G networks and 5 hours using 3G), a flush headphone jack, and iPhone 2.0 software with support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, the new MobileMe web suite, and a bunch of new downloadable applications from the iTunes App Store. The iPhone 3G also sports a new (and slightly thinner) glossy case in standard Apple black or white. Both 8GB (black) and 16GB (black or white) capacities remain. The iPhone 3G will go on sale July 11th in over 20 countries.

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