Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Want it... would look tre nice next to my Eames chair, yes my living room furniture is worth $13k (to seat 4)

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herman-miller-3-seat-eames-sofa.jpgHerman Miller designs are all modern classics and the Eames 3-Seater sofa is actually the last piece of furniture ever produced by the fabled Eames design firm in 1978.

The Eames 3-Seater Sofa melds rich walnut, soft leather and polished aluminum constructed into a beautiful angled profile that will instantly form the centerpiece of any room it resides in. A 2-seat model is also available.

Cost: $8499 @ Hive Modern

Eames 3-Seater Sofa by Herman Miller

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Annabelle said...

That is absolutely beautiful! I just got this gorgeous, black soft pad lounge chair from for our lounge area and have already deemed it as "my chair." I think the only reason people don't understand the comfort of these chairs is because owners like us won't get out of them!