Thursday, March 13, 2008

Want it... Cause even though I'm all corprate now, I grew up in Gorden Hoodz, Victoria. Represent! One for my Homies

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40 in a paper bag tie by Hickey

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Have you ever craved that hobo-chic look? Now you can have it! Hickey’s “40 in a paper bag” tie will put you in style and let everyone know that you like to party. Set on a skinny, solid-colored tie, a small 40 oz. bottle in a paper bag is sewn at the sternum, for a look that you can wear out on the town or on casual Fridays. Hickey’s ties are thick and sturdy 100 percent silk. Luckily, the tie comes in two colors: charcoal and hickory. Best get both to properly accompany your wardrobe.

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